Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now "The Blogette" for Mark Janas - The Salon's Blog!

I'm now taking on a second blog - that of, the official blog of The Salon, presented by the fabulous pianist, composer, music director Mark Janas and Producer Tanya Moberly, is a weekly open mic held currently at the Etcetera Etc restaurant. A cover and food/drink minimum will let you in on a great evening of singing, spoken word, workshopped performances, classical, musical theater, rock, opera, whatever! Everything is accepted, and there is even a weekly theme to help in musical choices. However, all material (on or off theme) is welcome.

I'll be blogging about the performers and artists who attend the Salon and any information for upcoming Salon events. Please feel free to read and/or subscribe via email or RSS if you would like to keep in touch with The Salon!


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