Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marquee Five in

Here's a nice writeup of Marquee Five and other great events of the week by Jenna Esposito of (a great Cabaret artist in her own right!) regarding our Thursday Feb 25th, 2010 show at Don't Tell Mama :

"A welcome addition to the NYC nightlife scene...terrific performers in their own right...and the blend of their instruments on tight, five-part harmonies is really something special! The five performers each got their chance to shine in various solos and duets, which added color and variety to the already-enjoyable evening. Each vocalist brought their own unique sound and style to the show, yet were able to blend beautifully on the group numbers...I'm looking forward to seeing what's on board for Marquee Five next - it's a welcome breath of fresh air in the cabaret world to have this type of ensemble show, and I'm sure there are more exciting things in store!"
-Jenna Esposito

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