Monday, February 22, 2010

An email from Michael Kostroff - some more quotes on acting from the Audition Psych 101 method

Hey, all --
Several actors who attended recent "Audition Psych. 101" workshops have followed up with some quotes that support my approach. I thought you might find them encouraging:

This one was sent in by Barbara Fisher:

Actor Julie Benz (Dexter): “I look at it as, it’s literally your time to be an actor that day. And it’s a performance; that’s all it is. I don’t look at it as a job; it’s my time to play the part how I want to play it. And I throw my material away when I leave. You learn to love it.”

—From “Prime Time – Who’s in the Running: Television Actors” by Jenelle Riley, Back Stage, 11/18/09

And this one came from Ron Salmons:

Director Tom Robinson, director of, talking about actor Clayton Farris’ audition for the Glendale Theatre Center’s Kiss Me Kate:

“When he came in the door of the audition room, he had a commanding presence. The other actors were a little timid, didn't quite know what to expect, but Clayton had prepared himself. He seemed to be such a confident individual and just came in with such a good presence and a warm charisma that made it pretty evident that we needed to see him some more.”

—From “Who Got the Part?” by Sarah McKinley Oakes, Back Stage, 2/16/10

(Ron adds: "Clayton must have been at one of your past workshops.")


And here's a quote from Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory":

“I enjoy auditioning. My advice for getting through it, in all seriousness would be that this may be your only chance in these few minutes to play this part…it sometimes helps me to think about it like that. Like, whatever, you know? This is my take on it, this is what I’m doing with it and this is the only time I’ll have to get to do it.”


Happy auditioning!

Michael Kostroff

"Audition Psych. 101"

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