Thursday, April 30, 2009

" review by Martin Denton · April 27, 2009" (or: My First New York Review!)

Personal History of Sierra Item # 718,283,192! My first New York Theater Review!

I'll let the full text of the review speak for itself, but here is the juicy, Rein-flavored part:

"Fuller has adapted the piece by adding a framing device that places this performance in a Maine mental hospital—the staff and a few of the patients are the players in the operetta-within-the-show. This set-up, if not absolutely necessary, adds a layer of lighthearted whimsy and allows for some playful gags, the best of which is the use of a puppet (Matilda) as one of the professional bridesmaids. Sierra Rein "plays" Matilda and she is superb—if G&S can't encompass Avenue Q-style theatricks, then who can?" - Martin Denton · April 27, 2009 ·

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