Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Night Out Composer Showcase with John Meyer

Thursday night was my evening off from "Ruddigore" Rehearsal (April 24-May 24, 2009,!), so I enjoyed an evening out with Pete at Big Night Out, one of the two classy, laid-back open mics I regularly go for. I sang with Kay during the first act, then sat back and watched the Composer Showcase for John Meyer.

This was a unique night for Big Night Out, which usually offers a more traditional Composer Showcase in which many songs are performed by many different singers, one after the other. But this night, some classic work by Meyer was sung and played by John Meyer himself, Bill Zeffiro, Jennifer Wren, and Summer Broyhill. After singing, each performer took turns interviewing Meyer about his history, work, and experiences with some of Broadway and Hollywood's stars (as it states on John's website, "His songs have been sung by Eartha Kitt, Margaret Whiting and Judy Garland, among others"). It was a fantastic, classy hour of music, and I was so proud and awed by the talent onstage (oh and Jennifer Wren's reinterpretation of Judy Garland's "Get Happy" costume was fantastic and sexy as well).

What made the evening especially...uh...especial...was that Jennifer herself was having a "going away" party that evening itself. Cupcakes and a birthday song celebration marked the one year anniversary of Big Night Out itself, and Jennifer announced a sabbatical from BNO for a little while. In the meantime, Summer Broyhill, myself, and Alex De Souze will alternately take over Jennifer's half of the co-hosting duties. My evening is TBD, based on my performance schedule for "Ruddigore" (April 24-May24, 2009,!). I wish Jennifer the very best days of relaxation & reinvigoration, and look forward to seeing her on the BNO stage again!

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