Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I Do When I'm on My Back

Friday morning, my lower back was stiff. Didn't stop me from walking all around Manhattan, going to the Performance Library for some sheet music and for an appointment in Brooklyn & back. But it ached all the way home. Morning (Saturday) came and went, and the pain was still there. Talked briefly with my step-father Peter over the phone and he recommended Motrin. Walked with Pete to the local supermarket for some staples (and Motrin), and the walk back was agonizing. I called my step-father, and he talked me through some back-stretching moves he learned from his sister (my aunt Nora St. John) who teaches Pilates. Immediately, I felt better and now as I write this (Sunday night) the pain is to a minimum. I don't have full use of my lower back, but I can at least touch my knees to my nose in a fetal position without jolts of pain. Ice and a bunch of Motrin helped, too. Hopefully another restful night of sleep will allow me to be pain-free for a week of hitting the Subway system again. Thanks Peter!

Oh, and sadly I did not feel comfortable getting out to either the Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo or the Broadway Flea Market. Bleh...oh well, there's always next year.

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