Monday, September 29, 2008

Vocal Ease: Songs from the Heart - a great cause!

I'm reading a book right now about the functions of the brain (will blog about it soon) and it reiterates the healing properties of music to the human psyche/soul/synapses, however you wish to put it.

While at the New Concerts at Tudor City Greens last Wednesday, I picked up a flier for a volunteer performing company called "VocalEase." It seems they are a singing organization for hospitals, nursing homes, and senior centers. Music, but especially live music, has been known to improve morale amongst those who are sick, elderly, depressed, and otherwise experiencing physical and mental pain. Just to have someone come in and sing for an hour is incredibly good for the mental stimulation and healing process of an injured child or lonely senior citizen.

I remember performing as a 14-year-old for my grandma's senior center, broadly singing into a microphone while cheesy karaoke tracks (they were awful during that time) blared from a boombox. I guess I was doing at that time what VocalEase does now!

It claims to have "a rotating roster of more than 80 performers, most with professional experience in cabaret, musical theater and jazz." Might be something for me and any professional singers (or truly, anyone who likes to sing) to donate their time at.

Info: (212) 579-5386

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