Monday, July 28, 2008

"Riding the A," a poem by May Swenson

Riding the A by May Swenson

I ride
the "A" train
and feel
like a ball-
bearing in a roller skate.
I have on a gray
coat. The hollow
of the car
is gray.
My face
a negative in the slate
I sit
in a lit
corridor that races
through a dark
one. Strok-
ing steel,
what a smooth rasp—it feels
like the newest of knives
a long
black crusty loaf
from West 4th to 168th.
and rails
in their prime
make love in a glide
of slickness
and friction.
It is an elation
I wish to pro-
The station
is reached
too soon.

"Riding The A" by May Swenson from Things Taking Place: New and Selected Poems. © Little, Brown, 1978. Reprinted without permission, please don't sue me.

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Brian Allan said...

How in the world do you have enough time in the day to create this fantastic blog AND function as a normal human being? I am amazed. I tried to write a blog during my work on Tarzan and gave up before I even finished the FIRST ENTRY!