Thursday, July 24, 2008


In addition to booking Equity full-paid productions and being involved in new musical works, my goals this year are a continuation of some projects I have yet to complete. For my benefit and your information, they are (in no particular priority):
  1. Compile professionally recorded audio and create a "demo" of my many vocal styles. 1 minute, tops.
  2. Finish a music video I shot 2 (!) years ago - here in New York, actually - utilizing a song called "Playground in New York." Written by Erin Kamler, it's the thoughts of a young girl coming to New York for the first time. Hmmm...think I can relate?
  3. Revamp "Ridin' High," my one-woman cabaret. This'll take a bit of reworking, editing, reorchestration and work with a new pianist...not to mention finding the venue.
  4. Create a video demo reel of all stage footage I have, just so I can put it online and submit myself through casting company websites.
  5. Write and record with John Seput, who is a composer in Los Angeles. GarageBand and email will be our friends. Also, when UCLA-mate Phillip Kelsey returns from Germany, I will be working with him on a few songs.

Those are the basics so far. Still have to truly set up my digital office so I can edit and record video and audio easily - so I guess that'll be my #1 TO DO on my list. Check back for more updates in the future. In the meantime, I put pictures of myself in "Great Expectations" at the Hudson Theater from last May on my website, I'll be putting more audio from a recording session for a movie musical as well.

Cheerio! -- Sierra

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