Sunday, July 27, 2008

New favorite (& cheap) place to eat: Hummus Place!

It's super-cheap for being a sit-in restaurant(we got two hummus meals and split a frozen dessert and paid $22 after the addition of a hefty tip). And only 20 minutes on the 1 train from our house to the 72nd stop!

Speaking of the train, on our way back, Pete and I found ourselves the only ones on what appeared to be the only non-air conditioned subway train car. We had the whole (albeit hot) place to ourselves! If you ever find yourself in New York in this position, take advantage of it. Run around. Swing on the bars. Yell at your loved one from one side of the car to the other. And above all, sing! It's a lot of fun!

"I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiinging in the train, just siiiiiiiiinging in the traaaaaain!"


TheDon said...

My favorite subway experience was on a tightly packed subway car one June day in 1989. I don't remember if it was air-conditioned or not - when it's packed it really doesn't matter. Anyway, I was standing next to an attractive young African-American who was singing "Children are our future" almost silently to herself. The car was noisy with dozens of people carrying on conversations, and it annoyed me that I couldn't quite hear the girl sing. So I asked her if she might share her voice with those of us around her. She blushed and said that she was just trying to rehearse the words of the song since she was going to be singing it at her graduation that day. I asked her again if she would sing it a bit louder, and she obliged.

At first only a few of us that were close to her could hear, but little by little the entire subway car went silent to hear the young lady with the angelic voice transport us to somewhere else. At her conclusion she received a tremendous ovation from every person on the train, and she actually began to tear with gratitude. Personally, besides being entertained in such a pleasant and unexpected way, I felt a sense of pride in prompting her to help all of us feel a little bit better about being on that car of that subway train in New York City at that moment. I'll never forget it!

Sierra said...

Wow, TheDon - great story. I'm sure that young lady (whatever her vocation in life) has kept that same memory and has grown as a person from that. It's not easy to attract and maintain the attention of New Yorkers, after all! Although, nowadays we just put on our iPods and pretend to sleep if we don't want to listen to any subway performances. The curse of the insulated techno-media-young.