Saturday, June 27, 2009

Johnny One Note at the Alqonquin Salon

Sunday I had a terrific day - met with some friends of mine (Julie Reyburn, Adam West Hemming, and Vanessa Parvin) to rehearse for an as-yet-to-be-released project, then headed over to the Algonquin Salon to sing at the open mic. This week was special, for not only was the theme "Richard Rogers' Neighborhood," but it was hosted by Rita Gardner, the original Luisa from The Fantastiks. She sang a few songs herself, showing that age does not necessarily mean your vocal and emotional power weaken. She was beautiful!!!

I was happy to sing a song I haven't sung in YEARS...Johnny One Note, a belt-song that I always enjoy singing. Bill Zeffiro was on the piano, kept with me, and we both met at the end...

Enjoy the mp3
HERE. You can hear Rita's words of encouragement at the end of the audience reaction. :)

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