Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Frakking Starbuck! (original title: "I'm Fracking Starbuck!")

Composer Eric March for his final BMI presentation audition yesterday did "Battlestar Galactica: The Musical." I played Starbuck, which is the type of military athletic role that I don't usually get to play. If I were in the military, I'd be sitting behind a desk...In any event the "minishow" went very well. I was also able to go to the Museum Mile for a few hours. I'll post pictures about that evening soon.



Bailey said...

since sci-fi fans are known for being detailed oriented, [read, anal!] I wanted to let you know that "Frak" has no "c" in it when used in reference to the re-imagined version aka Ronald D. Moore version. Since you were playing the female Starbuck portrayed only in the re-imagined version, you should have spelled it "Frakking".

Moore was specific in wanting a four letter word that could be said on tv without being censored whereas the original apparently didnt give frack!

Good luck with the role!

Sierra said...

Thanks Bailey - I understand the detail-oriented nature of sci-fi fans well, being one and being married to one too! Thank goodness that I wasn't misspelling the term "smeg" as "smehg" or something like that, otherwise I'd be in danger of them taking away my Red Dwarf club card. I have lesser knowledge of the BSG world on paper and did not know of Moore's spiritual "frak you" to the FCC.

Whether frack or frak, five letter or four letter, original or re-imagination, thank you for your comment!