Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yes, I'll have some of that, please

One sees the oddest things in New York subways. Like this group of strapping, young, fit, uh...let's just say easy-on-the-eyes men walking around in a group, dressed only in boxers, robes, and footwear (and the odd hat & sunglasses, as you can see). Pete was talking to me (we had just went to Trader Joe's) and my mind suddenly went blank as I saw these gentlemen come into view over Pete's shoulder. "Sorry, I've suddenly become very distracted" I told Pete, who then began to noticed the be-robed adonises (adoni?) walking by. He took this picture with his iPhone and has blogged about it himself - he thinks it's "Some sort of marketing campaign for a bathroom-related product. I think I saw the phrase "Shave Anywhere" in fairly small print on their backs as they entered the train." Well, it got my attention! But they took the C train while we were waiting for the A. Pity, it would have been fun to try to sqeeze into that little area left over in the doorway, there. :) you honey!!!!

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