Saturday, August 23, 2008

New tag line

Just came up with a new tag line for myself, to be added to the bottom of my trademark soda, dolls & video games:

"Sierra Rein - providing the public with quality 11 O'Clock Numbers since 1988."

1988 being the year I sang "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" for a school play and decided I wanted to bring my love of singing into the rest of my life.

Whaddya think?


Rick Mason said...

Your tagline should help to answer the question "Who is this fabulous Sierra Rein character?" but, for me, it doesn't. Instead it changes the subject to "What's an eleven o'clock number???"

But maybe that's just because I'm Johnny Foreigner! Maybe it works fine in the USA. :-)

Carmen (Mom) said...

Nix it! IT sounds like a brake job commercial. Plus, if you don't know
the back story, you come across as a much older person. Love you.

Sierra said...

Hmmm...seems like it's a confusing tag line on both coasts. Rick: an 11 o'clock number is like "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy - a song that occurs at the end of a show during which the main character comes to a glorious conclusion or sings a huge song that causes the audience to burst into applause. I don't think it's that you're a Foreigner named Johnny; non-theater people wouldn't get the reference too :)