Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sierra for Hire in the Definitely Dickens Holiday Carolers!

For the third year in a row, I will sing with the Definitely Dickens Holiday Carolers, a professional company made up of 4-part groups who sing contemporary and traditional Holiday, Christmas and even Hanukkah songs a cappella. We arrive in festively traditional hoop-skirt-and-bonnet and top-hat-and-cape Dickens-era finery (but can also perform in classy black if you wish). Perfect for office and home parties, promotional events, and kids love us when they can sing/dance/play those jingle bells along with us.

All of our groups are incredible singers with fantastic harmony and solo abilities; however, if you want ME at your party, ask for my quartet in particular. :)

Visit the company's official webpage (covering Los Angeles to New York, and some cities inbetween)

For New York City and the outlying boroughs, go here. Call (888) 225-1331 or (949) 295-6500 or email Adam at

For New Jersey State prices and info, go here. Call (973) 327-4671 or email Vanessa at

Want to see video of the group? Go check out my mini-playlist of us in 2008 here. Or just watch us here:

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