Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I won something! Thank you!

A week or so ago, I used my @SierraRein twitter account in a Backstage.com contest for Actorfest.com (a convention for Showbusiness people - behind the camera/table and in front). The challenge was to respond to the question "Why should actors attend Actorfest?" in 140 characters or less, after of course following @ActorFest. I obliged - usually these are just to get cute prizes and help a company create buzz and some interesting sound bytes/tweets for their own marketing. My husband & I participated in the Mountain Dew tasting competition with our puppets and got a flip phone, and recently he won another digital video camera via Kodak with his involvement in trying to name a new upcoming camera. In any event, these Twitter competitions are usually harmless, take 15 seconds to do, and you usually forget you entered them...

My response:

"@actorfest Because us actors are the CEOs of our individual slice of the Show Biz pie. Proactivity + creativity in 1-Actorfest helps us."

You can tell my copywriting talents were in full gear there. I can also hang my head in shame as the daughter of an English Professor...it should have been "Because WE actors are"...ugh!

But I WON the #1 slot!!!

If you read that carefully, I won a "four look shoot" with headshot photographer Ken Weingart, who looks to be a fantastic, celebrity and headshot photographer. Check out www.kenweingart.com. This is great news for me, since I'm hoping to get going on an enhanced branding focus by working with Doug Shapiro of TheSavvyActor.com. It feels like Kismet - just last night I took a free seminar with Bobbie of BobbieHorowitz.com, who specializes in image, color, and style consulting to make your individual style and personality shine. The combination of these three events are telling me one thing: revamp, restyle, refocus myself. So, I hope some good haircuts, good photos, good clothes, and great attitudes come out of this. Hurrah!

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