Sunday, March 1, 2009


as a fan of fellow artistes and a fan in general of sounds and sound design, I'm going to begin a little collective project - that is, as I hear interesting sounds in the subway (musicians, the train, someone talking, me rehearsing something under my breath, the odd insane person yelling at the wall, etc), I will turn on the iTalk function of my iPhone and record a bit of it. I'll just post an .mp3 for your listening pleasure. Don't expect to be blown away by the audio - it's just me offering up and sharing a bit of my New York Subway experience with you.

I will try to post the name of the group/artist if I capture their music - and will include any links I might glean from them if I record their work.


February 22, 2009:

The Jazz Collective at 59th St Station, D Train Part 1

The Jazz Collective at 59th St Station, and me getting on the D Train, Part 2

February 28, 2009:

Sax Player on 7th Avenue D station

Funky "Atari" sounding door chime on the 1 Train (hard to hear)


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ThePete said...

I am offended that I was not blown away by the sound quality!! ;)

Hon, that was very cool. Particularly the sax player on the 28th. Great stuff.