Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friend Grae Drake Visits New York!

We were totally blessed on Monday with a visit from a favorite person of the world of ours...Grae Drake! She's a fantastic person, movie lover, editor, producer, podcast creator ( and featured on an episode of How To Look Good Naked - and she does) and one can not help but be elevated spiritually, emotionally and a tiny bit physically by her presence. She only had 24 hours in New York itself (taking a break drive to and from friends in Connecticut & Boston), so we had to make the best of it. Her biggest "to do" was going to Central Park, so after I finished up my work & meetings we met up at my place and took the subway to 110th street, the NorthWest corner of the park.

We then took an almost completely random walk down Central Park, zig-zagging our way Southwards, from the North Woods & Ravine down past the North Meadow, then walked around the Reservoir, down past the Met Museum of Art, checked out Cleopatra's Needle/The Obelisk and the Belvedere Castle, rambled in a circuitous route through the Ramble itself, visited Cherry Hill and Bethesda Terrace, paid respects in Strawberry Fields, then walked down the Mall and the Literary Walk, sat for a moment to talk next to Shakespeare's statue, then left the park to walk towards the Apple Store via Fifth Avenue, where Grae marveled at the 24-hour location's outside. Whew! As I type this, my right ankle is being iced and wrapped - I think I overstressed it with so much walking, although at the time there wasn't enough pain to tell.

In any event, I signed up on the Central Park mailing list/free membership just so I can be informed on the park and get more of a sense of what goes on there in the future.

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